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Meeting Point

Meeting Point


The Meeting Point project was an international gathering around art and creativity, taking place in a rural setting with participants from different cultural backgrounds. It was a mobile project aiming to collaborate with local initiatives and to take place in a different village each year. It consists of a series of events around the central backbone of three hands-on workshops on visual arts and local cuisine.

Meeting Point intended to create at least a week long community where cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary experiences were shared, where the village would be a playground for creativity during the day and could be converted into a festival venue at night with theatre, music and screenings.

At Gülpınar

Meeting Point is interested in using various creative art disciplines to harmonize differences, raising a respectful awareness on self and each other’s rights, duties and on the complementary nature of differences, in an innovative manner. It contains workshops during the day, and a festival program at night. It t can be conceived as a counterbalancing mobile project aiming at forming a creative platform disarmed from urban prejudices, through art. Meeting Point is respectful to the delicate border of making a place visible or attractive, without deteriorating it is one of the most sensitive issues around the project.

The first meeting point was Gülpınar, where participants from France, Germany, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, USA and Turkey had the chance to meet between August 6-12, 2007. Gülpınar was a meeting where the city dwellers of Turkey discovered their own existing culture and sub-cultures, see who they really are and create a reasoning, a model and an understanding of the microcosmic immigrant communities in Istanbul. The international participants did not only have a chance to come into contact with contemporary Turkish culture, arts and artists, but also would be able to see ‘the real Turkey’ which is a lot broader than represented in the foreign media. For the villagers, arts was brought into the village, trying to give them a chance to have their own opinions on contemporary understanding of aesthetics, allowing them to discover and observe international and national arts, artists by transporting “city” art into their village.


Project Directors Ece Pazarbaşı (TR), Yiğit Adam (TR)

Project Coordinators Nimet Doğan (TR), Fleur Dronkers (NL)

Technical Crew Yigit Adam (TR), Abbas Akkaya (TR), Dagmar Albert (DE)

Course Instructors:

Music Çiğdem Ergun

Creative Drama and Dance Özlem Ergun

Cartoon Tuncay Akgün, Mehmet Çağçağ

Photography Ahmet Polat

Video Thomas Büsch, Sabine Küper

Local Cuisine Course Coordinator Hasan Açanal
Local Cuisine Course Leaders Afet Bostancı, Nilüfer Çakır, Mukadder Evci, Naile Işık, Mukaddes Ünal

Thomas Büsch General Secretary diyalog, project managment InEnArt and Filmmaker