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Video Camps


Funded by the European Union’s Cultural Bridges program the workshop took place in the frame of „European Literature Goes to Turkey/ Turkish Literature Goes to Europe“ in 8 cities in Turkey orghanized by the Goethe-Institut Istanbul.

The subject of the movie clips reflected the expectations and experiences of the participants regarding Turkey, the European Union or the European Culture Week Events. The final are a collage mirroring the filmmakers view, as much as the surroundings expectation on Europe coming to Turkey.

The video displayed here is a result of these workshop series from Trabzon, Turkey:

A guy dressed in a t-shirt with the Turkish flag trys to leave an abonded barrack in Trabzon.

Scenario – Zafer Yüksel
Director – Kaan Ceran
Actor – M. Salih Kaya


Objectives of the Workshop

Using the one single shot technique for story telling in video and publishing it on the Internet.

The workshop focuses on creating short video narratives, shot in a single take. The whole process is an act focusing on the economics of video narration. Because shooting single takes requires knowledge, creative vision and organizational precision.

The videos, shot from the moment of turning the camera on, to the moment of turning the camera off, with no interruption and no editing, are published finally online.

In a director’s cinematic bag of tricks the long tracking shot is the boldest way of making a statement. It’s the flashiest and most attention-grabbing egotistical way of flexing one’s muscle. In most cases it’s a narcissistic maneuver, “look-at-me” filming technique, but rare ones, the best ones, serve to reflect and further the story in a way that can’t be reflected with traditional editing.

After having sessions for developing ideas for short single take digital narratives, the participants move into the hands-on process of shooting. The course highlights the difficulties of the single take and concentrates on ways of transforming the idea from conception into a narrative. The narratives focus mostly on the environment, documenting the surrounding and the participant’s perceptions.

The workshops were conducted by Sabine Küper-Büsch, Thomas Büsch, Selim Eyüboǧlu and Dinç Erem Tapa.

Thomas Büsch General Secretary diyalog, project managment InEnArt and Filmmaker