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The Sultan’s Nose

The Sultan’s Nose


Caricatures from Turkey

In Turkey as well as in Europe, the artistic medium of cartoon came into being in the course of long time overdue political reforms during the last century of the Ottoman Empire. Just as the recent argument about the Mohammad cartoons reflects international tensions in the global arena, so the critical cartoons from Turkey are a mirror image of the political and social conflicts inherent in the country. A core subject is also the sustained debate with Europe which lasts since more than a century.

Things that are hit out at are nearly all those rarely found in the daily press: migration to the cities, all-powerful military, gender roles, family structures, bashing policemen, mafioso  politicians, violence against women, children and minorities, changing moral ideas, cybermania, the orientalisms of the West and the stereotypes about the West.

5. September bis 8. November 2009

Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin
Karl-Marx-Str. 141, 12043 Berlin

Opening: 4. September 2009, 19 Uhr

Accompanying the exhibition a publication is brought out by Istanbul University Press and the Berlin Publisher Dagyeli


Additional Exhibitions

Exposition rooms of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, Vienna

In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts Diyalog organized an exhibition at the instance of the Festival  „ from 28th November 2008 until 19th December 2008.
Diyalog was realizing this exhibition in Vienna with a support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey.

Museum of World Cultures, Frankfurt

The exhibition was shown from 8th August 2008 until 16th November 2008 at the Museum of World Cultures . This exhibition has been initiated and organized by the Turkish Cultural Initiative Diyalog in cooperation with the Museum of World Cultures, the Turkish branch of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and with the support of the Organizing Committee Frankfurt Book Fair 2008 Guest of Honour. It was part of the official special programme entitled Turkey In All Its Colours enabling Turkey to present itself in all its cultural variety as the guest of honour at the Book Fair in 2008.



Thomas Büsch General Secretary diyalog, project managment InEnArt and Filmmaker