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Special attention is on the overcoming of borders, which still exists in the culture between Turkey and other countries.

Our principal objectives are the promotion of exchange and cooperation in order to carry out an intercultural understanding to strengthen as well as above all a cultural dialogue beyond borders. Under these circumstances we are supporting initiatives of our members that express the cultural diversity within societies.

The basic research and work of the association focuses on collaboration in old and new media, technology, and theory with an emphasis on social contexts.

The association emphasis professionals working in different creative disciplines (e.g. media-creatives, satirists, visual artists, writers and film-makers); they are brought together in order to develop and open on an international level sources for the realisation of cultural works, projects and activities.

The association is an international network with a participatory and flexible structure that combines advanced creative production, research, events, and documentation.

We are not supporting

  • activities that are focusing primarily on education, religion or heritage
  • initiatives that focus only on the academic sector or represent traditional approaches to research and education
  • folkloric events and projects which focus on conserving cultural heritage
  • initiatives based solely on tourism
  • local projects lacking a collaborative dimension