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Diyalog in cooperation with the International Media SupportIMS – based in Denmark was starting in August 2022 the Kite Runner activities.

Kite-Runner is being developed as a hub with support/counseling and workshop opportunities, social events and network building activities for Afghans with journalistic/media background mostly in Turkey. Afghans aspiring to become journalists or media workers can also attend selected activities, and some activities are open to all.

Afghans living in Istanbul can participate in physical meetings, social events and activities.

While Afghans in other parts of Turkey and back in Afghanistan can participate in online workshops. Especially the creative program will be mainly online in August. The program activities include counseling, life management skills training and improving journalistic creativity. In the first weeks, the creativity workshops also serve to research the needs of the participants. They can reflect on their situation, share it with others and develop visions for the future. The establishment of a social media hub serves to network and acquire participants and pave the way for professionalizing media skills.

The program activities between August and December 2022 include counselling, life management skills training and improving journalistic creativity.

The program will begin with creative workshops (video-photography-storytelling,) counseling sessions and language courses. A café will be the meeting point. The creativity workshops serve as a research laboratory. Events such as tours to explore Istanbul are developed according to the interests of the participants. These activities will be documented by the photographers and videographers and used as introduction and PR-action of the Kite Runner hub on social media. Film screenings serve as social gatherings, networking boosters and platforms for attendees to demonstrate their first products in a safe environment.

The establishment of a social media hub serves to network and acquire participants and pave the way for professionalizing media skills.


The Kite Runner activities started on Friday July 29th at 4 pm 2022 at the auditorium of Salt Galata with a kick-off event. Within the kick-off event the Kite Runner team will introduce the details of the activities and events taking place between August and December 2022. The kick-off event will be accompanied by film screenings and discussions.

Selected Activities

We are looking for participants foremost from Afghanistan with and without journalistic experiences. Ideal participants would have several of these qualities: – Experience, interest or enthusiasm about video, filmmaking and journalism – Passion for social justice, equality, and human rights, wellbeing, and democratic processes – Expertise or enthusiasm about local communities – Artistic, design or communication skills – Interest in community-friendly practices.


The participants will receive training in digital media production focusing on film, video and photography. Participants are encouraged to use skills acquired within the workshop to create movies about attitudes regarding the environment, their own journey, community life, social justice and conflict situations. The content will be published online on channels established by the project team. Questions about conflict situations, gender equality and local communities will be addressed and will sensitize participants and the public online.


Salt Galata – Bankalar Caddesi 11

Karaköy 34421 İstanbul Turkey

To become a member of the Kite Runner network please follow the link:
The kick-off event will be as well live streamed on ZOOM:
Meeting-ID: 879 5704 2087
Password: 900606


In cooperation with


Thomas Büsch General Secretary diyalog, project managment InEnArt and Filmmaker