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Video Workshop in Gaziantep

Video Workshop in Gaziantep


DIYALOG is organizing in the frame of the Searching Traces program a video workshop for participants in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Participants with and without migration background from Gaziantep are invited to this community video workshop taking place online.

To cope with COVID-19 pandemic and to keep social distancing the workshop is taking place between August 30 and November 22 2020 as a remote workshop each Sunday between 4 pm and 6 pm using the video conferencing ZOOM client.

The next session of this workshop will take place on November 8, 2020 between 4 and 6 pm. To participate please download the ZOOM client to your computer and follow this link next Sunday:


The actor Eyad Babtij in cooperation with the Istanbul based cultural initiative Diyalog Derneği is organizing this long-term community video workshop series.

Within the workshop, participants with and without migration background from Gaziantep will be trained to use smart phones to create short movies about mobility/immobility, their living situation and their aspirations regarding community life in one single shot.

The theme of the movies will focus on the newcomer and how he or she is an asset and enrichment to the local community.

The participants will be trained as well using the online video software WeVideo to edit their movies with mobile devices and desktop Computer. The movies created within the workshop will be finally published on the StreetWalking magazine.

Creative tools like video making will allow everyone with and without filmmaking experiences to try to pave the passage to a new journey.

Regarding the actual circumstances linked to COVID-19, the workshop content will be adapted to our actual life rhythms, taking into account that the possibility to shoot outside will be limited.

By overcoming national boundaries Searching Traces delivers improved access to information and will generate fresh and unconventional content and forms of narratives.

The workshop is also focusing on gender parity of the participants to overcome gender based stereotypes in different communities and promote similarities.

Basic language of the workshop will be English, Turkish and Arabic.

This workshop in Gaziantep is being supported by the Spaces of Culture program.

To participate please send us an email to: info@diyalog-der.eu

and follow on Sunday the link below:


or enter the ZOOM-meeting ID in your ZOOM-client: 842 2625 8801

Workshop Instructor

Mohammad Eyad Babtji works in the humanitarian field. He is as well an actor and painter based in Gaziantep. He came to Turkey in 2013 during the war in Syria after he had graduated from Economics college. Eyad starred in a play organized by Gate of Sun in Gaziantep. Eyad currently studies in the college of political science and prepares for master of Divinity.

Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch are German documentary filmmakers based in Istanbul. The couple produces documentary Films in the Middle East and South Eastern Europe that were awarded on international Film Festivals and are screened in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France on prominent TV channels like ARD, ZDF, 3Sat and arte. The Filmmakers are educating trained and untrained filmmakers in short film production for digital formats in different countries. They are publishing the Online-Video Platform StreetWalking as a location for innovative new film narratives.

Supported by

Thomas Büsch General Secretary diyalog, project managment InEnArt and Filmmaker