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Tough Times for Cartoonists

Tough Times for Cartoonists


Critical caricatures from Turkey

How far do cartoonists dare to go in Turkey, as free press is increasingly muzzled in the country? The Caricatura Gallery in Kassel in cooperation with diyalog Istanbul shows 46 cartoonists from Turkey with examples of their work in a new exhibition under the title Schluss mit Lustig taking place in Kassel on the occasion of documenta 14.

A Panel followed the opening. Sabine Küper-Büsch selected the works for the exhibition and for the book published by the Avant Verlag with the same title.

The exhibition presents the latest works of the graphic avant-garde in Turkey. It shows how artistic work is possible or impossible in the current situation in Turkey and describes which picture codes satirists use to be able to continue to be published

Schluss mit Lustig

Exhibition July 20 – August 27, 2017

CARICATURA – Galerie für komische Kunst

Werner Hilpert Str. 1, 34117 Kassel

Selçuk Erdem, magazine Penguen, in an interview with Deutsche Welle about the working conditions for artists in Turkey (German)

Photo – Monika Nikolic

Thomas Büsch General Secretary diyalog, project managment InEnArt and Filmmaker